Simple Quilled flower Tutorial

Monday, April 5, 2010

How to make a simple Quilled Daisy 

As a lot of people are new to quilling I thought it was best to start with something simple. This simple daisy is very easy to make and can be created in a variety of colors to embellish your cards. I prefer to glue it together before I add it to the card, as it’s easier to move around until you get your layout right. If you find making the coils a little tedious try making them while you are watching TV, this is great if you have a lot to make, I keep mine on a little plastic box lid, you will be surprised how many you can make in an hour! With all your coils made you can go and enjoy making your card!

Tools and Materials 

Quilling paper – standard width (1/8”) 
Quilling slotted tool 
Tweezers (it saves a lot of frustration!) 
Glue stick (I use this for gluing the coil closed as it dries faster) 
PVA (for gluing the quilled elements together) 
Damp cloth or baby wipe (for keeping your hands glue free!) 

How to Make 

1. To make the coil, I usually use half a strip of paper. Place the end of the paper into the slot; roll the tool with one hand while keeping the strip taut with the other hand.  

2. When you reach the end allow the coil to loosen slightly like a spring then remove it from the tool. 

3. Glue the coil closed with the glue stick (you can use a toothpick to apply the glue if you want), hold in place gently with the tweezers for a few seconds until nearly dry.

4. Make five coils of the same size in your chosen color. These will make your five petals.

5. To make the coils into teardrop shapes simply pinch them at the glued joint (you can do this with the tweezers if you want), this also helps to hide the join. Make five teardrop shapes from the coils you made.

6. Make a peg shape in yellow by rolling a tight coil (you don't release it before gluing) using a 1/2 strip of paper, then glue it closed while it's still on the tool. Gently ease off the peg from the tool.

7. Now you have all the components for the daisy made, they should look like this. 

8. On a piece of acetate or any non-stick surface, arrange the teardrop shapes evenly to make the daisy, glue two petals together using a tiny dot of PVA, then glue the remaining three together. 

9. Once the two sections are nearly dry glue them together, there should be no big gap in the centre. 

10. To finish add a dot of PVA to the centre of the flower and add the yellow centre on top. 

After making a few coils you'll soon get into a rhythm of doing it, you'll probably develop your own style of making them too. Lots of people are curious about quilling, I hope you'll give this simple flower a try, quilling is such a great craft to learn and great to use in your card making. Have fun!


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