Wired ribbon flower tutorial

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I managed to put together a tutorial for that flower I made using wired ribbon the other day. I used a piece of ribbon about 24" long and 2" wide but you could play around with different widths. The ribbon I used is a light blue Silky Crush wired ribbon from The Ribbon Reel. (Don't forget to play along with the sketch challenge this week at The Ribbon Reel Challenge Blog, there's some gorgeous goodies up for grabs!)

You'll also need a needle and thread just for a few securing stitches (don't freak out, no major sewing involved!). You'll also need a brad, button or old earring for the centre. I used an old vintage clip on earring. (I removed the clip on part with a pliers.)

On one side of the ribbon start pulling the wire to gather the ribbon, pull from both ends so you don't lose the wire inside the ribbon.

Gather the ribbon until there's no more space on the wire.

Tie a knot in the wire at both ends. I tied double knots just to be sure. Trim the excess wire.

Holding one end of the ribbon at the bottom, start to roll the centre, don't let go.

Keep hold of the base, at this point I added a couple of stitches to the base with a needle and thread.

This helps to keep the flower nice and secure, so it won't fall apart. I find hot glue a bit messy but you could try that if you prefer.

Keep rolling the ribbon around your centre until you reach the end of the ribbon.

Once you reach the end, add a couple more stitches at the back, I just rolled the raw edge of the ribbon over. If you want a neater finish to the back of your flower you could add a small circle of felt to the back. 

Your rolled flower should look a bit like this. The edges are pretty uniform so to make it look a little softer simply play with the wired edges a bit, bending and twisting a little until you're happy with the look of your flower.

I used a strong craft glue to attach the centre to the flower. My finished flower turned out about 2 3/4" wide but how big your flower is depends on how tightly you roll it and the length of your ribbon. Have fun! I'd love to see your results if you have a go, just leave a comment with your link if you do! : )


  1. Great tutorial Clare - thanks so much it's super!

  2. Thank you so much for tutorial Clare! :)

  3. Thanks Clare - great tutorial! +Your flowers are always soo beautiful - love them!

  4. Beautiful flower! Great tutorial! Clare x

  5. Thanks for this, I hope to give it a go some time soon.

  6. Super gorgeous flowers Clare and great tutorial! Thanks for sharing x

  7. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Love your work.

  8. Thank you Clare! :-)

    Your blog is so elegant. Love your creations!


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