Quilled Poinsettia Tutorial

Friday, December 14, 2012

Here it is, the Quilled Poinsettia tutorial. It's not too tricky but you might want to check out my Simple Quilled Flower Tutorial if you're a complete beginner. The Simple Quilled Flower Tutorial will show you how to make the basic coil shapes.

You don't need very many materials to make the quilled Poinsettias, just some red and yellow quilling strips, glue, a quilling tool and a needle nosed tweezers (the tweezers makes the small pieces easier to handle.)

For each Poinsettia I used a half length of a red quilling strip to make each coil. You need 12 red coils to make a Poinsettia. For the yellow centre, I divided a single yellow strip into thirds, to make 3 yellow coils/pegs.

You can take a look at the Simple Quilled Flower Tutorial to see how to make an individual coil. I find this part the most tedious, so I usually make these coils while watching TV! I judge the sizes by eye, I don't use a board. These ones are just over a 1/2" wide.

Once you've made the coils, you need to pinch them into an eye shape, I pinched in one end slightly to make more of a petal shape but you can leave it as an eye shape if you prefer.

You need six petals for each layer of the Poinsettia, there are two layers. I glue each petal together to the next at the base, I find it easier to do 3 together and then join both halves to make the 6.

You really only need a small amount of glue. You can apply it with a toothpick or cocktail stick. You can make any adjustments while it's drying. Use a tweezers to pinch the centre together if needed.

Repeat for second layer and leave to dry. Add a generous dollop of glue to the middle and layer the second layer on top of the first. Make sure the petals are offset for a more realistic result.

Add the yellow centre pegs, it's easier to do this with the tweezers. A needle nosed tweezers makes life a whole lot easier!

That's basically it, your finished quilled Poinsettia, ready to use as an embellishment on your projects. I made some paper leaves for mine. Here's a link to the leaf tutorial.

I hope you give them a go. I'm planning to make some place cards with some of these on them for the Christmas table. They'd look great as gift box toppers too! Here's a card I made using the Poinsettias.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Have fun quilling and have a great weekend! I'm off to make a gluten free, dairy free lasagne! : )


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