One-layer card

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'm popping in today with a one-layer card that I had published in the fabulous special issue Easy Layered Greeting Cards by Card Maker Magazine. I don't do that many one-layer cards so this was a fun challenge for me.

I masked the area for the sentiment before stamping the flowers using a light green ink. The area below the sentiment (from my Potted Garden stamp set) is colored using two different shades of green coloring pencil.

With the mask still in place I stamped the flowers from my Cottage Garden stamp set and colored them using coloring pencils. I love the soft effects you can get with ordinary colored pencils! And here's my Cottage Garden Birthday card in the magazine.

They also used my card as the main image on the contents page! There's lots of wonderful inspiration for all types of cards in this issue.

Oh and my card also made it to the cover! This was pretty special for me as it's my first card published using stamps that I designed and it was published on the cover!

If you're wondering why things have been quieter than usual on my blog for the past few weeks, a furry friend had been taking up a lot of my time. Our house-bunny Cheeky was really sick since the end of January and was being treated by our local vet but was eventually referred to a specialist vet in the city to find the source of his problems. So after a 4 day stay at the vets in the city, they discovered it was his back molars (you can only see these with a special instrument because they're so small), they weren't wearing down evenly and he had developed molar spurs (sharp bits) that had cut into his tongue and gums. The vet filed them down and he's doing a LOT better now! We just have to make sure he eats lots of hay to keep his molars worn down properly but he'll have to go for regular check ups to make sure everything is ok! We just need to get him back to a healthy weight now, he lost a lot over the past few weeks! Isabelle was very happy to have her little bunny home! : )


  1. Beautiful card, love the colouring pencil texture :)

  2. So very pleased for you, Clare! This was one of my favorite sets that you designed, and it shows beautifully here! And a cover girl, too - double congrats!!


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