Stop and Smell the Roses - Hand Lettering

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I've a hand-lettered card to share today with some illustrated accents. It was an exercise for a hand-lettering class I'm taking on Skillshare by Mary Kate McDevitt. The class takes you through the first steps of hand-lettering from concept to sketch. It's not exactly for complete beginners, you're expected to have some experience in actually drawing letters.

The first step was to pick a phrase or quotation, no more than 10 words that we would like to hand-letter. The lessons (including videos) then take you through exploring inspiration, some basics of lettering, sketching and finalizing your drawing. It's not a speedy process, it takes time to develop the initial idea, refine sketches until you have the final drawing but I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful.

Once I was happy with my final sketch I transferred it onto some good quality paper in pencil and colored using watercolor paints. To add a little dimension to some of the lettering I used colored pencils to shade in a drop shadow.

I didn't just draw the letters off the top of my head, I used fonts for visual reference. I can definitely see how you need a lot of practice to improve, my lettering was pretty wonky at the beginning, it's not perfect now but I think it's getting a bit better!

It's the spacing I find tricky sometimes, depending on the font and keeping a consistent thickness for each letter in a word. Some fonts are definitely easier than others. It's funny the letters were the only part I really had to work hard at, the illustrated accents really flowed around the words naturally.

Ok, that's all for now. I've a few projects to finish off. Hopefully I'll be back soon with some more hand-lettering or maybe some more hand-carved stamps! : )


  1. Stunning Clare. Your lettering is so eye catching. Tracy x

  2. Thud! This card is really special, Clare! The lettering is gorgeous!! I hope you turn it into a stamp. :) I love the coloring, too.

  3. I took this class too and Do you have boots, snowpants, coats, mitts and hat? Disappointed that it didn't cater to beginners as you noticed. But you did an amazing job. Looks gorgeous!

  4. This is amazing, Clare! I hope you are well, my friend!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm great! Lovely to see you popping by! : )

  5. In the land beyond gorgeous, there is this. There are no words. I look forward to seeing any other projects you do for this class.– thanks so much for the peek into your abundance of talent!

  6. This is stunning Clare! You certainly have a talent for this type of thing and I agree, it would make a lovely stamp!

  7. This is amazing! You should totally design stamps, Clare!


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