Folk Art Birds and a Hand-carved Stamp

Friday, June 19, 2015

So I did a little folk art inspired illustration the other day of some wood pigeons and when I was finished I thought one of the wood pigeons would make a nice stamp! So I grabbed a rubber block, did a quick tracing of the wood pigeon and transferred it to the block by rubbing it face down with a bone folder.

I carved around the outline using my lino cutting tools and carved some of the inner details (I was carving out all of the pencil marks out and leaving the blank parts untouched). I did it pretty quickly because I wasn't too worried about having it looking perfect.

I cut off the excess rubber around the outside of the stamp with a strong, sharp knife. I then carved out some of the smaller details around the neck and eye.

Then I tested out my new stamp by inking it up with some Memento Luxe Bahama Blue ink, I love these inks, they always give me great results! Then I carved any little bits I didn't want away from around the edges, some people leave these bits but I usually get rid of them!

Then I went on to stamp an army of birds! I think they would make nice hand-made wrapping paper with a matching notecard.

Here's a closer look at the illustration that inspired the stamp. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy Father's Day! : )


  1. Such a sweet little bird! I really love the folk art look of your artwork Clare. :-) Hugs, H

    1. Thanks so much Helen! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! : )

  2. CLARE - I lost touch with you ages ago (changed computer and lost a whole lot of sites)...but just got back now through Pinterest. Love your birdies and the carving is wonderful....just off now to read the blog posts ....hope you and yours are well.....Joyce in Northern Ireland

    1. Hi Joyce! Lovely to hear from you! Thanks, glad you found my blog again. We're all well thanks, hope you're doing good too! Have a lovely weekend! : )


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