Inspired by house martins

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hello! I've some illustrations to share with you today, including some handlettering. Just in case you're wondering I'll still be sharing paper-crafted projects on my blog, including published cards, tutorials etc but I'll be showing more of my illustrations and patterns on here too. It's an area I've always wanted to explore, so I'm making the time to create a body of work and see how my style develops. I'm creating something everyday and it's exciting to see what emerges every time.

I was a bit intimidated by the white page every time I'd sit down to create something, so I had the idea to work on coloured backgrounds. It happened by accident really, I use acrylic paints when I'm working and I usually have some left over, so instead of wasting it I get several sheets of paper and paint a block of colour. I have a pile of these on my desk now and I pick one every day, depending on what colour I'm drawn too. It makes it much easier to start!

The house martins in the above illustration were inspired by some real house martins nesting outside my window! They've been swooping by back and forth for the past few weeks building their nests. I love watching them and hearing them twittering!

They've returned to our house for a few years now, they usually nest high up in the apex of the house but this is the first year they've built low down just above the window, only about 8 feet off the ground! It's amazing to see them so close up, they don't seem to be too bothered by us and we have been careful not to scare them.

We have three nests altogether and I think a forth is being built on the remaining side of the house! I just hope they all nest successfully this year, it's terrible when they fall down. Fingers crossed they all make it! : )


  1. These are beautiful Clare! And the Martins are so fun to watch. Growing up, we had swallows that would nest right above our front door every year. They made a mess on the porch, but the babies were so fun to watch!! Have a great day!! Hugs, H

    1. Thanks Helen. Yes, they are fun to watch. They do make a bit of a mess on the ground, nothing a quick bucket of water and a garden brush won't fix though! They're welcome visitors here.

  2. Absolutely stunning work Clare!


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