Time for tea!

Monday, June 15, 2015

I've a couple of new illustrations to share today, this time with a tea theme! I love teacups and mugs, and I've quite a large collection of all different shapes, sizes and patterns. So I decided to paint a few, there's also a couple of jugs in there too. As soon as I'd finished the cups and jugs, a teapot flashed into my head and of course I had to paint that too! When something pops into my mind it has a habit of lingering there until I make it a reality!

I don't normally go for yellow but this was the coloured sheet (see my previous post about the painted sheets!) that spoke to me! And for some reason I always associate kitchens with yellow, probably because my mom always painted her kitchen yellow and it's stuck in my memory!

I love the bright clash of colours in this, yellow, pink, orange and red, it shouldn't work but just feels right somehow (to me)! Anyway, hopefully I'll get to do another illustration or two this week, I'm busy working on some Halloween commissions at the moment! And yes, Christmas will be next!! : ) Thanks for dropping by! : )


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