Bird Illustration Challenge

Monday, July 27, 2015

You might have noticed that I love birds, I really find them fascinating and yes I am a birdwatcher! We don't have to go far to see them, our kitchen window provides a perfect viewing point to appreciate them. Living in the countryside we get quite a range of visitors to the garden and more each year as the garden matures. As I'm trying to develop my illustration skills I decided to set myself a challenge to illustrate and paint as many birds as I can, starting with the locals!

One of my favourite birds is the Bullfinch, they have amazing markings and they're always easy to spot in the garden because of their bright orange-red breast. Usually the males have the more colourful plumage (to attract the females) and are more striking, so I chose to paint a male Bullfinch. I used acrylic paints this time on watercolour paper, I started with a loose sketch and incorporated a little stamping with some of my hand-carved stamps.

I love how he turned out and that's half the joy of the process of illustration for me, the not-knowing what it will look like, which is pretty exciting. I do love representational painting but it can get a bit boring for me sometimes. Next up on my Bird Illustration Challenge will be the adorable Blue Tit! Another of my favourite garden birds! : )


  1. If we have these birds in our country, I have never seen them, Clare. I really enjoyed your post today, and look forward to seeing more of your garden birds! You did a wonderful job!

    1. They're only in Europe and parts of Asia. Plentiful in the countryside of Ireland though! They like to feed on seeds. Thanks! : )

  2. It's beautiful Clare! I love birds too, and this one is delightful, and I love the flowers and greenery you incorporated into the painting too. :-) Hugs, H


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