Colour Palettes and Stamped Sketchbook Cover

Friday, August 21, 2015

In between magazine commissions I've been having a bit of fun taking part in Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search, purely for the experience of it all, I'm still a bit wet behind the ears in this area! : ) Anyway, there were some great mini-assignments before the main event, to warm us up. I loved this one which was to explore the colour blue. We had to pick five shades of blue and mix them with Naples Yellow, white, water and come up with our own mixes to create lots of new shades of blue. I loved this exercise because I love mixing paint! Well I had to do something with all the leftover blue paint so I stamped the cover of one of my new kraft covered sketchbooks, that I bought while I was in Scotland. This one is A4 size but I bought a stack of A5 ones too!

I used a good selection of my hand-carved stamps and happily stamped away with all those lovely shades of blue. I definitely learned a lot more about colour mixing and was surprised how a random selection of stamps could work together when stamped in the same colour family!

I'm working on the main project at the moment, I can't share too much at the moment, it's still a work in progress but here's the colour palette I'll be picking my colours from for my final piece!

I've also been carving some new motif stamps for the project, here's just one of them. It's inspired by some of the imagery in the brief.

I love the texture of stamped paint! You never know how it's going to turn out! Still loving all those shades of blue. That's all for now! Have a great weekend! Just one week left of holidays left for Isabelle, then it's back to school, she's going onto 3rd class already!


  1. It all looks so pretty and fun Clare! I'm always so amazed at your talent with the hand carved stamps! Can't wait to see your final piece: the colors that you are going to choose from make me happy! Hugs, H

  2. Thanks Helen, I love making the stamps but I'm finding it very difficult to find the rubber carving blocks these days. The store I was buying them from online in Ireland has closed down sadly! Hoping to find a new supplier soon! Yes I'm loving the colour palette too! : ) Have a great weekend!


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