Some inky sketches

Monday, November 9, 2015

I've been really busy for the past few weeks taking part in MATS (Make Art That Sells) course run by Lilla Rogers! I'm doing MATS A which covers creating artwork for Bolt Fabric, Home Decor, children's books, wall art and gift. It's really intensive, we don't have much time to complete the weekly assignments but I'm learning a lot. I haven't had time for much else! Last month I took part in Inktober, where you create an inky sketch everyday for the month of October. I really loved it and surprised myself how much I enjoy sketching directly with pen now. Before I always would have sketched with pencil first but there's something freeing about just going for it with black pen. I highly recommend it, it took time but I'm definitely over my fear of the pen! Here's a quick look at a few of my sketches from Inktober, you can check out the rest over on Instagram.

Of course I drew lots of birds and wildflowers, my favourite subjects to sketch! The flowers were easier to start with though because of their organic shapes, mistakes were less obvious!

Feathers are really great to draw in pen, they just work really well because of the directional lines, this was a really quick sketch, less than 10 minutes.

Moving on from the wildflowers I attempted some more complex shapes, I love full roses with lots of petals. This was more of a challenge!

Dogroses were interesting to sketch too, I like their centres, they make a nice contrast detail. I'm thinking some of these sketches might look good on fabric.

More birds, Magpie, House Sparrow and Goldfinch surrounded by wildflowers, very quick and sketchy.

Lastly a Tawny Owl, I spent a little longer on this one because of the shading and texture of the tree bark but I like how it turned out! That's all for now, it's wall art week in MATS and we're having fun with abstract art, uncharted territory for me! : )


  1. Wow fantastic sketches and I adore the owl. Tracy x

  2. They look really great Clare! I'm so amazed that you can do that without doing it in pencil first!! :-)


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