Needle-felted Butterfly

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I hope you're all enjoying the holidays! I received some needle-felting supplies for Christmas along with some fabulous books. On St.Stephen's Day my mom, Isabelle and I all got around the kitchen table and spent the afternoon needle-felting, it was really nice for us all enjoy the same craft! We all made something different and I made this large butterfly!

It's a Peacock butterfly and it wasn't too tricky to make. I did have some help from these gorgeous books though! My attempts at wet felting weren't so successful but I'm going to give it another go, needle-felting I will definitely recommend though! It's lots of fun and great for all ages! : )

That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of the holidays and I hope you get to have some creative time! Stay warm and dry wherever you are, we're awaiting the arrival of another storm today, we could do without the rain, a lot of people are at risk from flooding. Fingers crossed it won't be too bad!


  1. It's so beautiful Clare: You sure are a multi talented artist! :-) Hugs, H

    1. Thanks so much Helen, hope you had a lovely Christmas! : )

  2. nice, thanks for sharing the book info.


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