Wall Hanging

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I just finished another weaving, this one took a while to complete because I'd been working on other projects but it's nice to see it finally finished. As before I took a few progress shots along the way.

I made some adjustments to the loom by adding a second row of pins/nails to the top and bottom of the loom. I felt the gaps were too big between the pins and the extra pins would give me a neater finish. I also found some better cotton thread for the warps instead of the wool I was using which had too much give in it, this cotton was a lot more stable.

I did start off with a sketch of how I wanted it to look but I did make some alterations along the way. The hardest thing I found was keeping an even tension when weaving the triangles.

The cotton warp thread made such a difference to the end result, the edges were straighter and the finished wall hanging sat much flatter.

I used a nice chunky roving type wool for some contrast in texture. If you're interested in learning how to hand-weave using a lap loom I highly recommend the video tutorials over at Creative Bug, the class for beginners takes you through everything you need to know.

If you have lots of wool in your stash then this is the perfect craft for you and you don't need much to get started either. The Weaving Loom is another great resource and packed full of information and inspiration. I hope you have fun exploring this tactile craft! : )

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