Fun quilled Sheep and Shamrocks!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I had great fun making this. My three year old daughter Isabelle loved the sheep or 'baa' as she calls him!

I decided to make this St.Patrick's Day card as a bit of an alternative to the norm. Ireland is well known for it's green fields and you can often see white sheep dotted across the green. The white and yellow daisies give the card a little extra lift.

Most of the elements in the card are quilled but the green fields are basic shapes cut out of varying textures and colors of green paper and card. The base card is green, I used a darker green blending chalk to soften the edges of the card, then I stamped little shamrocks all around the edges as a border.

I added a smaller rectangle of white card to the centre. I masked the top and sides to create the sky using light blue blending chalk, so there is a narrow white border around the picture. I sketched the field shapes on a piece of paper first then I cut these out and used them as a template to cut out the different textures and colors of green from card and paper. I wanted to create quite a texture look so I used painted paper, crimped card, PVA and painted paper towels for the fields. I added some depth to these by rubbing green ink over the edges and by using blending chalks. I added some flocking powder to the two fields in the front. I glued the field shapes in position leaving a white gap between them, the same as the border.

The shamrocks are made using the wider green quilling paper, three simple heart shapes with the stem made from quilling paper folded over on itself several times. I glued the shamrock together before gluing it to the card so I could play around with the layout. The flowers were simple too, just five quilled petal shapes with a yellow closed coil centre on top. I glued these together before adding to the card as well.

The sheep itself is made up of varying sizes of open and closed coils and a few scrolls in white quilling paper. I made up all these first then played around with the shape until it looked right. The head is made up of a large tear drop shape in black with a tiny one for his ear. The eye is a tiny closed coil in white and a tiny black bead on top. The legs are black quilling paper folded and glued back on itself several times. I did glue the entire sheep onto a piece of acetate (I don't normally do this but it was easier so I could reposition him in the layout) and cut it out carefully when it was dry.

With all the elements made I played around with the layout until it worked and then I glued them in position.

Studio G designer clear stamps, Impress Dye Ink Emerald, Dovecraft Bright Blending chalks, green flocking powder, black bead, glue, quilling paper in green, black, white and yellow, quilling tool, acetate, acrylic paint, PVA, paper towel, crimping tool.

Vintage St.Patrick's Day

I really like how these cards turned out, they have a great vintage feel to them and are a little more muted than the bright greens I've used in the other cards.

I used the same techniques in both cards. Starting with a white base card I added a rectangle of the Anna Griffin paper, it's a pale green that has a fabric look. Using the green ink pad I rubbed it over the edges of the cards, when that was dry I used a pale green blending chalk to soften the edges of the card. I then rubbed the chocolate brown ink over the edges of the card to give an antique look to the card. I repeated these steps of ink pad, blending chalk, ink pad for all the paper and card elements that I added.

For the flourishes I stamped them in green first then over stamped them very slightly off register in the brown, this gives an interesting shadow effect and adds depth.

For the card on the left I cut out the fancy square shape/ tag from a template. I cut one in white (I stamped little shamrocks on this) and one slightly larger in dark green card. I added two strips of ribbon to the card across the centre, then using foam pads added the squares. I then stamped the text and shamrock on separate card cut these out and added them to the card. To finish I glued a piece of tied ribbon to the square.

On the second card instead of adding the fancy square I cut the shape out and put acetate behind it to create a window. On the inside of the card I stamped a medallion in green then I added a circle of shamrocks on another piece of card. The single shamrock is actually on the outside of the acetate on the front, it creates a nice layered effect. I stamped the flourishes on card and cut them out, I added these to the top of the card. I glued a bow in dark green on top of this. I stamped the same text as before on a piece of card backed in the darker green card.

Studio G Designer clear stamps, Studio G stamps Janet Dunn, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Venaissance.
Anna Griffin Decorative Impressions Old Paris Palette.
Versa Magic chalk ink tea leaves, Ink it Up Chocolate brown.
Dovecraft Bright Blending Chalks.

St.Patrick's Day Festival cards

 These cards were inspired by all the bright green colors that are seen in St.Patrick's Day festivals.

I won't go into too much detail here on each card as I used pretty much the same techniques and elements in all the cards just arranged in different ways.

I used the same square white card for each. I used blending chalks to add the light green color in each card. I used various sizes of crimped green card on each. The hardest things to make were the little loops/tags of ribbon and quilled paper, they were just a bit fiddly. I just added strips of ribbon and buttons in various arrangements. The quilled shamrock is made up of simple tear drop shapes added together. The tags I simply cut out of white card and stamped the various elements. I did highlight some detail on the shamrocks on the first card using a white ink pen, I added a few layers of this and allowed to dry. I used the same light green blending chalks over the white ink, it really made them pop.

I like making smaller cards sometimes because I can try out different ideas to see what works. The smaller cards are great too because they're quick. It's fun to play around with the different elements. Hope you get some ideas from these!

Studio G Designer clear stamps, Studio G stamps Janet Dunn, Impress Dye Ink Emerald.

St.Patrick's Rosette badge card

My mini rosette badge on this card is inspired by the tradition here in Ireland to wear a rosette badge on St.Patrick's Day. It was a pretty quick card to make too.

Starting with a basic white square card, I put a smaller square of green card. On top of that I added a square of white paper and stamped the top section in a repeat pattern using the large shamrock stamp in emerald green. On the bottom section I stamped the mini shamrocks in a repeat pattern using the same green.

I crimped an inch wide strip of the same green card and glued this to the card where the two stamped sections meet. I added a strip of ribbon on top of this.

To make the rosette, I used two lengths of the satin edged green ribbon, I folded each end point into the centre and glued them down. I added this to the card. I cut out a small white circle of card. The mini-rosette is a narrower strip of crimped card gathered into a circle and glued. I stamped the text 'Luck of the Irish' onto a piece of card and glued this in the centre of the rosette. I added two pieces of the stitched ribbon as the tails of the rosette. I added these elements to the card.

Studio G Designer clear stamps, Impress Dye Ink Emerald.

Quilled Shamrock

Monday, February 22, 2010

I really enjoyed making this card, it didn't take too long. The quilled shamrock is large but was easy to make. I added a little extra detail to it by stamping tiny shamrocks on a strip of quilling paper (not a whole strip, just the bit near the end that would be visible), I used the wider quilling paper for this project.

The base is just white card stamped in a repeat pattern using a single shamrock in Emerald green (I snipped the single shamrock off a row of shamrocks stamp). I added two lengths of stitched green ribbon to the top and bottom of the card. I roughly tore a square of green card and rubbed the green ink pad over the edges to highlight it. I tore a smaller square of white card and rubbed the edge and centre lightly with Versa Magic chalk Ink Tea Leaves. I attached these to the card using foam pads.

For the shamrock, I joined a strip of a lighter green and emerald green wide quilling strips together. On the end of the emerald green strip, about 3 inches, I stamped a row of tiny shamrocks in Emerald green. I made a open coil shape, pinched this to make a teardrop and squeezed the centre to make a heart shape which resembles the leaves of a shamrock. I repeated this for each of the three leaves. For the stem I used half a strip, glued it back on itself a few times for rigidity and stamped the shamrocks on it. I glued all the elements of the shamrock to the card.

I tore out a rough rectangle of white card, stamped the text 'Lucky to have you!' in Emerald green, to get the shamrock in the Tea Leaves green I just rubbed off the Emerald green ink from the stamp with a baby wipe and inked the shamrock with the other green. I added this to the card with a foam pad. To finish I glued three green buttons along side the shamrock.

Studio G designer clear stamps, Versa Magic chalk ink tea leaves, Impress Dye Inkpad Emerald.

New header

I decided to update my header image, still needs some adjustments but I'm pretty happy with it. I just did a little sketch in pencil of a few of my favorite things, a little reflection of what I like. I used watercolors to bring it to life. Then I scanned it, adjusted the colors a bit in Photoshop and added the text. Anyway, an improvement on what was there before I think!

Peacock Trio

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Peacocks were my inspiration here. I decided to make a trio of cards inspired by this theme. I indulged a little with the gems and sparkle but peacocks are all about the show after all!

They didn't take too long to make with the exception of the quilled card. Each card has some similar elements throughout, the gems, the flourish stamp at the top and the colors.

The peacock paper comes from an image in a book I have called Victorian Patterns and Designs for Artists and designers. The original was black and white, I scanned it into the computer and changed the colors in Photoshop. 

The largest card 'For a Special Friend' has the peacock paper over the base. I added two strips of blue grosgrain ribbon to the card, about an inch from the top. On a piece of white card I stamped the sentiment in Tea Leaves Versa Magic Ink. I stamped the flourish from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Venaissance in the same color. I cut this out and added it to the top of the card with a foam pad. I picked out the detail of the peacocks and painted over these with PVA, I sprinkled some fine glitter over this. To finish I added some gems.

The butterfly card was pretty simple, I made a frame using strips of the same blue ribbon. In the centre I stamped the frame and added the butterfly transfer by Amy Butler. I added the same flourish at the top and added some more gems.

The quilled card took a little longer. I started by stamping the frame in the centre and coloring it in with a darker green watercolor paint to highlight it a bit more. In the centre I added a detail of the peacock paper and repeated the procedure above with the glitter dust. Then I added the corners which are transfers by Amy Butler. I extended the design of these a little further using watercolors. I added the same flourish to the top as with the other cards. I made some quilled teardrops in white and the larger ones are made using crimped quilling paper. I made some blue coils and added these to the design. I added a few gems to finish.

Anna Griffin In the Garden, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Venaissance.
K&Company Amy Butler Rub-Ons & Gems
Peacock Paper image from Victorian Patterns & Designs for Artists & Designers

Thinking of you...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I really enjoyed making this card. I just love this paper by Laura Ashley, it's part of the Love Song pack. I decided to go for a contrast color this time instead of tones within the same color range. The hot pink really works well with turquoise. Butterflies and flowers always make a great theme for a card. I wanted to add a bit of movement to the card so I added a touch of quilling.

So, starting with a square of white card I added the Laura Ashley paper to the base. On a separate piece of card I drew the ornate square shape and using watercolor paints gave this a pale pink color wash. I left this to dry. Then I added two sections from a paper doily to the top and bottom and cut it out to the shape of the square. I then made a smaller square on another piece of card and gave this a turquoise color wash. When that was dry I repeat stamped the text 'Thinking of You' on it in Rose Bud Ink. Using foam pads I attached the smaller square to the larger one and in turn added this to the bottom left hand side of the card.

I stamped the butterfly in Rose Bud Ink on a piece of card with the same pink color wash. I carefully cut this out and glued it to the bottom left of the small square. I made some scrolls and double scrolls in two tones of pink quilling paper. I played around with the positioning of these until the composition looked right. 

On a piece of turquoise color washed card I stamped 'Thinking of You' in Rose Bud Ink, I cut this out to make a tag. I made a hole in the top of the tag using a hole punch. I attached it to the card with some pink stitched ribbon.

To finish I added a strip of hot pink grosgrain ribbon to the right hand edge of the card with another of the pink stitched ribbon on top. I added a bow to the tag and a few diamontes to the swirl element of the butterfly. Butterfly Stamp Anna Griffin In the Garden, Thinking of You Anna Griffin In the Garden

A pretty card to brighten someone's day!

LOVE quilled Valentine

Monday, February 8, 2010

This card took a while to make but I had it in my mind and just had to create it! I started out with basic white card as my base. I printed out the letters LOVE large enough to fit the card. I traced out the letters and transfered them to the card. Using the quilling crimping tool I crimped several strips of dark pink quilling paper. I put a thin line of glue on the outline of each letter (it's easier to do this half a letter at a time) and carefully glued the crimped paper on it's side outlining each letter. Leave to dry.

Quilling tools are pretty essential as are tweezers! I filled each letter with varying sizes, shapes and colors of quilled shapes. I then added another outline of crimped paper in a lighter pink around each letter. Leave to dry. I then stamped the text at the bottom of the card 'a lifetime of love' in a light pink ink. 

Meanwhile I made a series of quilled scrolls, double scrolls, coils and heart shapes in various shades of pink. I just let these flow naturally underneath the text and a little above on the right. This takes some playing around with but you just have to let each piece 'grow' from the next, that's the best way I can describe it. I glued each of these in place. To finish I added a few diamontes here and there for a little sparkle. 

Quilling does take time and patience but the results are rewarding. Have a go at adding some quilled elements to your cards. You might just become addicted like I have!

Studio G clear stamps a lifetime of love.

Vintage Valentine

 I decided to make a Valentine's card that wasn't pink or red! This one has a nice vintage feel to it. It was fairly quick to make. I put a square of cream textured handmade paper on the base of the card, on top of that I added a square of cream card and stamped a frame on it in brown ink. On a square of brown paper I repeat stamped the text 'lifetime of love' using peach ink. On a separate piece of cream card I stamped the damask heart three times in brown ink. I cut these hearts out and scored a line down the centre of each and folded in half, the back of each half was glued to the next. I added these components together and pierced a hole in the centre of the card to add the cream heart embellishment (vintage earring). Finally I stamped the LOVE text in brown ink onto a piece of card and cut it out. This was then glued to a piece of ribbon and attached to card, I added a bow and some flat backed pearls to finish. Studio G Clear stamps A Lifetime of love, LOVE, Anna Griffin In the Garden stamps, damask heart.

Three hearts Valentine

This card was quick to make. Using plain white card stock I cut an inch and a half vertically off the front of the right hand side of the card. On the remaining section I added some red and pink patterned paper. On the right edge I added a strip of deep pink velvet ribbon. On the left side I added a strip of narrow satin red ribbon about half an inch in from the edge. I added a bow to the centre of this strip. On a separate piece of white card I stamped three damask hearts and cut these out. I glued the hearts centrally on the right hand edge of the card. I cut out a small heart from patterned paper and glued this onto a piece of card I added this to the centre heart with a foam pad. On the inside of the card on the right hand side I repeat stamped the text 'a lifetime of love' in true red ink. Studio G clear stamps a lifetime of love, Damask heart. Cardmaking & papercraft magazine (UK) Issue 75 February bonus paper

Challenge 44 Valentine's

Flower fairy Valentine's Card

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I just got this stamp and I love it. I thought it would make a pretty Valentine's Day card because of the lovely roses in it. I used black archive ink to stamp the flower fairy onto white card and let it dry. (I tried it on watercolor paper but the paper absorbed the ink more and the outlines looked a little too dark.) I colored in the stamp with watercolor paints. (I used a copy of the original Rose Fairy from the Flower Fairies book as a reference for color.) At the bottom of the card I added some peachy pink grosgrain ribbon picking up the color of the roses. I glued some quilled closed coils and some half pearls onto the ribbon. I finished the card with a tag, stamped with a lifetime of love in true red, attached with some picot ribbon and I added a pearl bead with see through thread to the end. Didn't turn out too bad! Inca Stamp Rose Fairy, Studio G Clear Stamps a lifetime of love

Valentine's heart card/tag

 This was really quick and simple.
I wanted to make a shape card, so I made a heart shape and an overlapping small heart as my base. I cut out the same shape in a rose patterned paper and glued it to the base. I made a simple white card tag and stamped Love you in true red. I made a bow out of wide deep red satin ribbon and glued this to the card. To finish I added a strip of red quilling paper to the top so you can hang the card or use it as a fancy gift tag. Studio G Clear stamps Love You

Quilled Valentine's Card

 I wanted to incorporate some quilling into this card. I stamped the heart doily on a separate piece of card, I used a light pink ink then added a rose bud pink around the edges. I crimped a strip of quilling paper and carefully glued this to the card on it's edge in the shape of a heart. I made a series of closed coils in three shades of pink quilling paper. I glued these in the centre of the heart following the shape of the stamp. The card itself is just white card, I added a square of pink paper to the top section of the card, I stamped the text at the bottom and added a piece of satin ribbon between the two. I secured the stamped heart doily with some foam pads. I like the variations of pink in this card. Rubber Stampede Large heart doily, Create and Craft Be My Valentine.

Simple Valentine's Card

 This card was pretty easy to make. I love this doily stamp, I stamped it on a separate piece of white card, carefully cut it out and cut out the small heart in the centre. I highlighted some details on the stamp with dots of glue and sprinkled some diamond dust glitter on it. On the main card I stamped the text directly. I added a strip of pink grosgrain ribbon, a strip of pink organza ribbon and a organza bow. I attached the heart doily with some sticky back foam pads. Rubber Stampede Large heart doily, Studio G Love Always and Forever.