Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter! This is my first year having a little Easter tree at home, we'll definitely do it again next year because we had so much fun making all the decorations and it looks so cheery in the kitchen!

I got the branches from my mom's garden and trimmed them a little into shape. Most of the decorations are made from salt dough (you could use clay if you want) but I wanted to use what I had around the place. I used a small cookie cutter to cut out the shape for the gingham and quilled decorations. For the others, I drew the shapes on paper and then made a template from a sheet of foam. I cut around these on the dough with a kitchen knife. I used a small flower fondant cutter on the bird ornament to achieve the pattern. Once they had dried out and cooled after being in the oven I gave everything a base coat of white paint (I used acrylic paint but emulsion is good too.) You can then paint them whatever color you want and seal them with a coat of PVA or varnish when you're finished decorating them. The gingham is tissue paper with a gingham pattern on it that I brushed on to the shape with PVA. I used paper daisies and daffodils to decorate some of the ornaments. I made a few quilled flowers in pink and white to attach to the gingham shapes.

The fluffy pearly egg ornaments (Isabelle's favourite!) are real eggs but I'm not too good at blowing eggs so I carefully cut a small cap off them ( I used the contents of course! We made the little cupcakes) I painted them white, then added a coat of Creative Inspirations shimmer paint and a little glitter dust. I glued a strip of picot ribbon to the inside then carefully hid the missing cap with some fluffy trim!

There's one of my little quilled Easter cards there with one of my gran's teacups and some primroses from the garden. In the large image there's a matching gingham origami box that I added a little ribbon handle to.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter...


  1. Very clever!!!

    Keep on Quillin',

  2. Thanks! My door is always open for visitors! :)


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