Scandinavian Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just a quick post, we're still struggling with the cold and snow here! Any trip out is quite an expedition!! (mainly because of the conditions of the roads! I've added a few photos at the end!) Ok, so here's my little project for this week's challenge at the Shabby Tea Room, the theme is Scandinavian Christmas. I made a quick card with some digi papers (polka dots and gingham). The snowflake digi stamp (Circular Merry Christmas Sentiment) is from this week's sponsor Digital Delights by Loubyloo. The inspiration photo for the challenge is below. I made a fun mug warmer from a recycled leg warmer my mom was knitting years ago but never got around to finishing! I just loved the stripe pattern. I did make the large pom poms (with my mom's pom pom maker!) It has a velcro fastening. Hopefully it'll keep my tea a little warmer in this cold weather! : )

I love this inspiration photo, the red and white, the textures, shapes and patterns. Lots of potential inspiration here, can't wait to see what you come up with. Don't forget to check out the Shabby Tea Room blog to see what the rest of the Design Team have come up with! Here's a few photos of the snowy conditions we have at the moment!

There's lots of pretty forests surrounding us, they look so wonderful covered in a dusting of snow.

A little morning sunshine coming through the fence! 

And this is the road, where I hear you ask?? The snow all blends into the road. Yep, all the national roads have been cleared and gritted but any regional and local roads have not!! We're pretty much left to fend for ourselves! Thankfully some kind farmers do grit any hills and slopes but they can only do so much!

You just have to drive pretty slowly and steadily. Snow chains are illegal here, not many people have winter tyres, we usually wouldn't need them with our mild winters!

Most people are only traveling during the day in case they get stuck. Luckily people are very willing to help you if your car gets stuck. There's always a farmer not too far away with a tractor if you get really stuck! There is one little person who is very much enjoying the snow!! 

And making snow angels!! 

I hope you're all staying warm. Thanks to everyone who visits my blog and takes the time to leave me encouraging comments, it really means a lot to me. I am truly grateful! I hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas!! 


  1. Very cute Clare, and love the pom poms. and OH MY GOODNESS look at all that snow, one day I hope to see it in real life lol. I hope you have a lovely christmas to you and your family Clare, and look forward to all your creations in 2011. Merry Christmas!!!!.

  2. beautiful!! thank for sharing!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Clare, that is the cutest little cup cozy I have ever seen! I love the poms on the card too! As for the snow, please keep it where you are...although they are calling for us to have a White Christmas this year! Have a great holiday!

  4. What an adorable cup cozy! And I love your gorgeous card too! Have a wonderful Christmas!


  5. So stinkin' CLEVER, Clare! Love that mug warmer!! Your card is precious ... those red pom-poms make me smile! AND -- your little puddin' making snow angels is the cutest thing in the world :) Stay warm!

  6. Theses are just soooo gorgeous!!! I adore hem ... Yep, it is freezing here too ... looks so very pretty and I can't remember when I last saw the trees frozen! and the road ... eeek! no driving for me! Love your little snow angel ... the cold doesn't seem to bother angels does it?

  7. That is the cutest, sweetest, cozy-est cup warmer ever ... love the red/white color combination! Your pictures are gorgeous and you are sure to enjoy a White Christmas this year!

  8. Love this set, especially the teacup warmer!! I told my father you had snow in Ireland--he didn't believe me. I will have to show him these photos. Have a wonderful holiday!

  9. Clare, this is fabulous! Wonderful mug warmer and card combo! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and so majestic! Looks like everyone had a fun time!

  10. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I do love this set - the mug warmer is brilliant!! Fab colour scheme. And the pictures of Ireland are fabulous - so bright and beautiful, but don't you think it's time we got back to more normal weather?

    Wishing you a Happy (and white) Christmas!!!

  11. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Claire. What a cozy mug! Sooo very creative and fun! I think a pom-pom maker is in order. Took a little tour around your beautiful blog. Awesome creativity.

    Cherish the little angel in your house. She is a precious gift to be sure.

  12. Love your pretty card Clare and the wonderful tea cup cozy! How fun to recycle something not finished into something SO cute! Great pics of the snow around your home!

  13. Super cute card Clare! Love the pom pom trim and the cozy mug warmer :) Your snow angel is precious! Happy Holidays :)

  14. Hi Clare

    Love your theme for the Shabby Tea Room this week - gorgeous as is your card and tea cup warmer - oh so cute!

    Thanks for sharing with us your lovely photos of your winter wonderland(!)complete with snow angel!

    Off to think up something so that I can enter this challenge...

    Take care


  15. wow! your mug warmer is fabulous! love this beautiful set. wonderful project, Clare! and your little snow angel is soooooo cute! beautiful photos! stay warm! =)

  16. Love the Scandinavian Christmas inspiration! LOve the little cup cosy, and card, that pom pom trim is gorgeous! Great pics, we still have snow, but not as much as you. Hope you have a very happy Christmas and stay warm! Pauline xx

  17. Gorgeous photos Clair, I really love your card with the adorable pompoms and the leg warmer turned mug warmer. :c) However, I especially love the photo of your little snow angel - just precious! What a treasured memory it will make. Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year! Hugs, Robyn xx

  18. Sorry, I should have typed "Clare" sorry about that. Misspelled names are no fun. xx

  19. What a stunning set. It's filled with everthing I ove....pom poms, gingham and polka dots. But you used it in a way that knocked me off my socks; it's gorgeous!

    Your pictures are beautiful; we do have snow here but not as much as you. And your little angel daughter; what a beautful girl!
    Enjoy your Christmas; I hope its just as wonderful as ours. Stay inside and warm! :)


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