Peacock wedding card

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I often get requests for customized wedding cards, here's one I made the other day. I went for a slightly more modern look and I went with a peacock feather theme.

I love the natural beauty of the peacock feather, I backed this one with a dyed blue feather for an extra pop of color. I picked out the light green color in the peacock feather and used a matching green cardstock as my card base.

I printed the text onto some canvas effect printer paper for some added texture and I embossed the top half of the card with an embossing folder.

I finally used my Envelobox Creator and made a matching envelope. I added a lovely big teal satin bow to match the colors in the card.


  1. It's beautiful Clare! Lovely.x

  2. So beautiful and elegant - so special to celebrate the occassion. I'd have this one in my wedding box forever!

  3. Aww I wish I had seen this a couple of months ago!!! My friend got married in July and her surname is now Peacock so this would have been great to make - it's lovely!! x

  4. Oooh tres chic, Clare! Love the elegance of your card!

  5. Beautiful card Clare - had one peacock themed wedding to do a while ago...yours is just Envelobox? I just keep a big envie opened to use as a template and don't allow the flap to flatten down too much....I use a velcro dot (bought in Lidl ages ago and they are the best as the sticky side on them really sticks so well, others didn't) on the point of the flap....but I digress....could you tell me how this Envelobox is produced? If you are comfortable with sharing.
    Hope you get some sunshine before little one heads back to school....not long now!

  6. OMG! Elegant wedding card Clare.. i love so much the peacock theme....


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