Art Journaling - Grids and protecting your binding

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Back again with some more art journaling! If you're a bit daunted by the big white space of your journal pages then grids are something you should try. They're also great if you're struggling with finding time for your art journaling because you can just do a box every other day or so.

I divided each page into four but you could make the boxes smaller and have more spaces to work with. You could even divide a two page spread into enough boxes to cover a month to look more like a calendar page.

These two pages cover some moments from a two week period in May, just certain things I wanted to capture, all from my garden. Below are one of my favorite flowers - Aquilegias or Columbines. In another of the boxes I included a snapshot of one of my favorite seating areas in the garden.

Here's a little snippet of work in progress, as you can see I didn't do the boxes in order! (There are no rules in art journaling remember!) I sketched out the flowers roughly in pencil first.

Then I blocked in some color using acrylic paints but in a watercolor style, only because I didn't have the right shade of purple in watercolors. I love the versatility of acrylics!

After that I added some detail using Distress Markers and moved on to fill the next box with some lilacs.

Some wild garlic, I tried to work fairly quickly with these boxes and not get caught up in too much detail. I love the white text on the dark background. As you can see I'm still loving the splattered paint look!

Another favorite flower of mine, Rosa Rugosa in bud then (now in full flower!). I used a mix of watercolors, acrylic and Distress Markers for all the squares.

We actually had one nice sunny day there at the end of May and I had some washing on the line and I noticed how pretty the shadows of the leaves on the trees were cast on some pillow cases, so I captured that too! It was 'a great day for drying!'

Ok, I've a quick tip to share, one I discovered as I was reading up about art journaling. If you use a journal like mine (i.e not spiral bound) and you use a lot of wet mediums like watercolor, inks etc, the excess moisture can damage the binding.

So here's what I do to protect it. I add a strip of wide masking tape down the centre of the journal along the spine and trim it neatly.

Then I cover it with a layer of gesso, I just have clear gesso so I added some white acrylic paint to it to blend with the page and hide the masking tape. Then just leave to dry and your pages are ready next time you do some art journaling. I like the little bit of extra texture it adds to the pages too! : )

Using the grid was fun and I'm sure I'll try a few more spreads and experiment with different size boxes. It's nice to mix up the pages a bit but my next page will be a full one, one of my borders in the garden is full of lupins coming into flower and irises just waiting to be captured! All blues and purples!

Ok I hope you found some of that helpful or it inspired you in any way to do some art journaling. Let me know if you share an art journal online in the comments, I'd love to see some of your creations!

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