Lavender filled pillow

Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's been a while since I've done any embroidery, so I worked on this little project the last couple of days. It was actually quite quick to make. I recycled some linen fabric from an old pair of trousers for the pillow base!

For the embroidery motif I went with Forget-me-not flowers, one of my favourites. So I did a few sketches in pen and watercolour to study the shape and form of the flowers before coming up with the final motif.

I went over the design with black pen so it would be easier to see when tracing it. I used a water soluble pen to trace the design onto my piece of linen. I haven't tried any other methods of transferring a design yet.

I embroidered all the stems and leaves first in a sage green using a back stitch and stem stitch. I really like how the stem stitch looks.

Next I added all the yellow centres to the flowers using french knots, I made them pretty chunky because I wanted a bobbly look! : )

I used three shades of blues for the Forget-me-not flowers, mixing up the colours over the whole design so it didn't look too flat.

Once I had everything filled in, instead of wetting the entire piece I used a clean, wet paintbrush to go over the water-soluble pen lines to remove them.

I made a small bag from white cotton to contain the loose lavender, my machine sewing skills are actually pretty basic, it's something I need to work on! I left a small gap on one side so I could fill it up.

I used dried lavender that I gathered from the garden last year, it's amazing how strong the scent still is, especially when you rub some between your fingers.

For the pillow I used two squares of linen, pinned them facing each other and machine stitched them on three sides before inserting the lavender filled bag. I pinned the remaining side and stitched it closed on the machine. I probably could have done something more fancy for the closure but like I said I'm still learning!

I'll be keeping this near my pillow at night, lavender is great for helping you sleep, I usually use some blended lavender oil (just some rubbed on my belly!) if I'm having trouble sleeping and it always sends me off into a lovely deep sleep! : )

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