It's been a while! Mossy Meadow

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I know it's been ages since I blogged on here, I almost forgot how to, for a moment! It's funny the last post on here was embroidery related because that leads me on nicely to what I have to share. I've been busy working away the past year, improving my skills, mostly in embroidery, needle felting and illustration. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll be up to speed. So for ages I've wanted to open up an Etsy shop, a place for people to find all the things I've been making and I've finally organized it all. So it's called the Mossy Meadow, I've started with hand embroidered jewellery and some needle felted pieces but I'll be adding lots more items in the coming weeks.

There are lots of flower inspired pieces of course. Starting with this collection of Violas and Pansies. I love both wild flowers and garden flowers, so I'm not short on inspiration!

Bees feature quite a bit. I made this piece combining needle felting techniques for the body and hand embroidery for the wings, legs and antennae. I love Bumble Bees and the wool used in needle felting really captures their fuzzy bodies well! I've also included a Honey Bee in the collection.

I've also created this Garden Birds Collection, this set features birds of the UK and Ireland because they're the ones I see every day in my back garden! But because I love birds so much I'll definitely be exploring the globe and creating more bird embroideries from other places too!

So I hope you'll follow me along on my creative journey, maybe to just take a look, like a page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) or help people to find my new shop. I'd really appreciate it! That's all for now! Hope all is well with you!